7 Tips on creating a Popular blog

I tried blogging several years ago to help build our student ministry, and it fell through. I thought that I could use the blog sort of like a website for our student ministry. So, I did, and it ended up being like 2 people that regularly checked it. That is not what I wanted so I disabled the blog all together. Back in February of this year, I began another personal blog. This blog was going to be about student ministry, leadership, and church life. These are three things that I regularly discuss and write about. I also share resources and helpful articles that pertain to these three things as well. I began blogging unsure of where it would take me. I thought that I could throw a few thoughts out there, unsure at or if anyone would read it. No one did at the beginning, but over time, I have acquired several regular readers of joshhevans.wordpress.com. I want to give you a few helpful tips on creating a popular blog:

  1. Find your niche – This is very important. For instance, I mentioned above, I write specifically about three things: Leadership, student ministry, and church life. 99% of my blog posts pertain to these three topics. Finding your niche is tough to do. Find what you want to write about, and write about it. Do not just blog to blog, blog with a purpose in find. Find your niche, and write about it.
  2. Blog consistently – If one thing aggravates me (I have been guilty of this) is a blog that has not been updated. I hate seeing a blog that the most recent post was from 3-5 months ago or possibly longer. If this is the case, you will not have readers look at your blog regularly. You want people to check out your blog regularly, and this will be a great way to do it. Blog every couple of days at least. This is where people go wrong, they begin blogging, and forget to update the blog. Keep it updated.
  3. Use links – At first, I never used the links, and now I do. If I mention another writer, book, or blogger, I link to their site. This is a great way to build connections with others. Also, many people will comment back and thank you for sharing their blog or article.
  4. Share on twitter & facebook – I always tweet and facebook my posts. This is a great way to share to all of your friends and followers.
  5. Use relative hashtags on twitter – If I blog about student ministry, I always use the hashtags: #stumin & #studentministry. So, when people look at these trends, they will come across your blog and check out the blog post. When I started doing this, my readers immediately increased.
  6. Tag your posts – I always tag my posts so that people can search for the topics and hopefully come across my posts. I use between 2-4 tags for every post so that I can carry the main topics of my posts for bloggers to come across.
  7. Share your blog posts in facebook groups – This is extremely helpful with student ministry. I am in a couple of student pastor groups, and I always try and share my post in their. I usually blog about topics that we are discussing so it is relative to them and their ministry. This is an easy way to get your post out there for readers to see.

Beginning a blog is a dedicated process. It is a process that you have to be committed too long term if you would like for it to become popular. If you have any other thoughts, or would like some more information on blogging, send a direct email to joshhevans@gmail.com or like always feel free to comment!

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