Sports Predictions

One of the reasons why God has me in ministry (I think) is because my students love sports, and so do I! This is an easy conversation for most youth workers and student pastors. I figured that I would connect you with who I like and also give my predictions for the sports that I choose to watch:

My Favorite Sports Teams:

My favorite college basketball team: Duke

My favorite college football team: Duke, NC State

My favorite college basketball team: Duke (I seriously keep up with our women’s team)

My favorite NBA team: Charlotte Bobcats (they are struggling so I have several), L.A. Lakers (I like Kobe, and for the record he in his prime is better than Lebron in his prime), Chicago Bulls

My favorite NFL team: Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos (I am a believer, and proud of Tim Tebow and the way he has handled the scrutiny)

My favorite MLB team: Atlanta Braves

My predictions: 

BCS Title college football game: Alabama

NFL Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers

NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship: UNC Tar Heels (I hate to admit it)

MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox

NBA finals: Miami Heat (I hate to admit)

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