8 Blogs Every Student Pastor/Leader needs to read

Many people ask me what blogs I am currently checking out. I use google reader for my feeds, and I check out many, but these I check out regularly! These are some helpful blogs for you and your ministry. They entail leadership, media, and helpful thoughts on student ministry. I am a practical guy so most of these provide mainly practical thoughts on student ministry and leaderdship. Check them out. I have linked them for you…

Perry Noble– Perry is the lead pastor of Newspring Church in Anderson, SC. Newspring has flourished under Perry’s leadership. They have grown to be a multi-site congregation. They serve in many cities each week! The ministry is truly amazing. I love Perry and his blog. His blog has truly helped me in several areas with the main one being leadership. All student pastor’s need to grow their leadership development! We all have areas to improve on, and he will give you principles regularly on how to improve your leadership.

Austin McCann– You may or may not have heard of this young preacher, but he is one of the young guys coming up that you will hear about! Austin is a great friend of mine, and is completing his college degree. He has been serving on several internships this past year and is doing a fantastic job! He blogs about student ministry, resources, and media. This kid is crazy talented. He knows a lot about media as well as ministry! He is very gifted socially and I plan on seeing him grow a large student ministry one day soon! Follow this kid.

Youth Media Ministry– Youth Media Ministry is an incredible resource. They are using media and technology in student ministry to its fullest! They provide you with some great resources that will help you be effective. We live in a media crazed world, and our students are immediately drawn to things that are professionally done using media. These guys can come along side of you to give you some helpful pointers so that you can use media effectively in your student ministry.

Doug Fields– Doug has been over time the face of student ministry in my opinion! He is an intelligent writer, speaker, and blogger! His books are amazing, and filled with incredible principles for student pastors. He blogs regularly and you need to read regularly to better your leadership in your student ministry!

Terrace Crawford– Terrace is another friend of mine. We connected through the internet over time through social media. I began following his blog and him on twitter, and we connected! I am thankful to be connected with such a genuine guy. This guy is a great mentor and speaker to students. His blog is great. He also is an editor of churchleaders.com where he shares many great blogs on student ministry! Follow him and sign up for the churchleaders.com blog email update!

Josh Griffin– Josh is also a great resource for you in your ministry. He is the High School Pastor at Saddleback. He is an avid blogger, conference speaker, and a great writer. He blogs about student ministry and has many shared resources as well.

Church Leaders-Youth- This is a great site. They provide the top blogs and articles that pertain to the area of ministry that you are involved in. I subscribe to their emails regarding articles for small group ministry, student ministry, pastors, etc. I love the writings and they are put together well. They only share applicable and practical stuff. I encourage you to add this to R.S.S. feed quickly, and get them sent to your email!

Tim Schmoyer– Tim is the founder of studentminstry.org. This is an incredible site and Tim is an incredible guy. He is an avid blogger and has grown to be a friend of mine. He will connect with his listeners and fellow bloggers. He has written a book as well and is working on his next book! He has a lot of practical thoughts on student ministry. He also shares some helpful resources and freebies that can help you be more effective in your ministry.

If you have some others to recommend, let me know!

14 thoughts on “8 Blogs Every Student Pastor/Leader needs to read

  1. Josh, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m glad we’re connected bro! I’m honored to make your list… and might I add, you aren’t doing so bad yourself bro! You have been offering some great content for readers (on your blog and over at ChurchLeaders too!).

    Keep up the great work! Love it!


    1. Mark, my man, dude, I am super sorry. Honestly, have not even checked out your blog. I will check it out now! I am sure with how I love your writings that you will make the list.

  2. Thanks a ton man for including me on this list. I am not worthy to be mentioned among these great youth ministry and church leaders. Thanks for all you have done for me and supporting me in youth ministry. Keep up the good working blogging!


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