Freebie Friday- Photo Scavenger Hunt List

One of the top events that we have ever done was a photo scavenger hunt. This is where you divide your students into teams, and each team is given the same list and must go out into the city and find each item on the list and take a picture of each of them in the list. It is a great activity, and I figured that I would share our list for you to use and share as well. If you have any questions about the event, contact me at If you have any any other ideas for future photo scavenger hunts, please let me know so that I can keep it fresh.
  1. Underneath a bank sign with exact time of 7:34 pm                                                 75
  2. Spell out UG with your bodies in middle of department store floor                          50
  3. Entire team sitting in one chair in one of your team member’s homes                   75
  4. Entire team with an outdoor sculpture                                                                      50
  5. Entire team posing a scene from a Disney movie in Wal Mart                                 100
  6. One member from your group wearing a Wal Mart vest                                         50
  7. Pumping gas for a complete stranger                                                                                    50
  8. Your entire team being chased by another scavenger hunt team                            100
  9. Your entire team giving a group hug to a complete stranger                                   50
  10. Entire team in the dark w/ each member shining a flash light on their face                       50
  11. Your entire team in a boat                                                                                         50
  12. 2 members of your team planking in a department store                                        75
  13. 2 members of your team owling in a department store                                           75
  14. 1 member of your team singing to a crowd of 10 strangers in public place                        150
  15. 1 team member milking a living cow                                                                                    300
  16. Having a memorial service on the side of the road for road kill                               75
  17. 1 guy team member getting a makeover in a department store                              75
  18. With a tombstone with a deceased date in the 1800s                                               200
  19. Getting your foot autographed by Barry Sizemore                                                    300
  20. Buying 10 cents of gas (photo must show exact amount on screen)                         100
  21. Entire team doing the chicken dance in front of KFC                                                            50
  22. 1 team member being pushed in a shopping cart                                                     75
  23. 1 team member being pulled on a leash through a store                                         50
  24. One team member riding the carousel in the mall                                                   100
  25. One team member kissing a living fish                                                                      75
  26. Baptizing a team member in a body of water (must be completely dunked)           300
  27. Entire team on a train                                                                                                            100
  28. Underneath a sign that has the current temperature on it                                       75
  29. Gathered around the Union Grove church sign                                                         25
  30. Entire team with masks on in a department store                                                    50
  31. At least 2 members of your team with Duke t-shirts on                                            25
  32. At least 2 members of your team with UNC t-shirts on                                             25
  33. 1 Team member getting handcuffed by Police Officer                                             75
  34. One member of team proposing to a random stranger                                            75
  35. Entire team with 1 person who has a mullet                                                             150
  36. Entire team with Pastor Bailey and family                                                                75
  37. 1 team member running register at store checking people out                               75
  38. Inside of an elevator                                                                                                   25
  39. Two people from your team helping stranger fold clothes at laundry mat              75
  40. Entire team with a lady that is 90 years old or older holding her id with birth date            150
  41. 1 team member bagging groceries at place other than Wal Mart                           50
  42. Entire team playing duck, duck, goose in a department store                                  75
  43. Entire team with someone with pink or purple hair                                                  100
  44. 2 team members upside down on the monkey bars                                                  50
  45. A team member juggling with an audience (at least 10 people)                              100
  46. Entire team in front of a sign completely in Spanish                                                 50
  47. Entire team in a classroom of a church or school other than Union Grove              300
  48. One guy (Tux) and one girl (wedding dress) dressed in wedding attire                    150
  49. A picture of two teens not on the scavenger hunt (extra 300 points if you convince them to join you for the rest of the evening)                                                                100
  50. One team member walking through a car wash (while it is on)                               200

Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at

8 thoughts on “Freebie Friday- Photo Scavenger Hunt List

  1. Our youth just did a photot scavenger hunt hunt as well, though we did clues with ours. Also, since it is the Christmas season, we included the youth in in participating in our Angel Tree. Then we finished by caroling at our pastor’s house!

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