Life Factors Ministry

One of the neat things of Bible college is to get out into the ministry, and see your friends in the ministry doing real well! I love to hear about my friends from college and how God is using them to reach the different communities and cultures in which He has called them too. One of my friends from college is Sean Teis. Sean graduated the same year that I did, and God is using him in a great way. Sean has founded a ministry called, Life factors. This ministry is a ministry specifically for those without fathers in their lives. Sean experienced this growing up, and knows the effects that it has on a young person as they grow up. I wanted to share this wonderful ministry with you.

The movie, Courageous, has really taken the nation by surprise. I think everyone is surprised with how well it has done in the theaters. This movie is a movie about fatherhood. Many churches and ministries are looking for ways to minister to these families after the release of this movie. Life factors is an incredible resource to use within your church and community to better minister and help those without a father in the home. Life factors provides training with how to get the ministry off of the ground. They provide devotionals for fatherless girls/guys. They provide training resources and tools to use in conducting the ministry. If you are interested in using them, I highly recommend them.

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