How to Train Leaders online

Youth Media Ministry is an awesome resource. I came across the resource recently, and it blew me away. I have been able to use several of their resources in our group and our church. Also, they have some incredible practical posts that are helpful and resourceful. They think outside of the box, which I love. They realize and grasp that the future of the church will look differently specifically due to the advancement of the media department. They recently discussed training leaders online, and they had some good ideas and tips for you, that I thought that I would share so here it is:

“Do you train your leaders where they are at?

Facebook is currently busy trying to take over planet Earth, one friend request at a time. The social networking phenomenon shows no sign of decline, with over 500 million users. In 2010, the average user spent six and a half hours a month on Facebook.  What does that mean for your Youth Ministry when it comes to training leaders.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could digitally train your leaders?  I have been exploring this idea for awhile.  I am not a fan of the resources out there for training online digitally.  Everything needs to be editable, and easy to post.

Here are 5 things I am going to implement to train my leaders: 

1. Create a facebook group for just leaders.  This is pretty basic, but it is great to have a closed off group for just your leaders so they can share prayer requests or concerns from the youth night.  You will need to be the one driving this group.  If you create it and hope that conversations happen two years from now the last post will be from september 2011.

2. Post the passage for the week on the group.  My leaders are busy, and I imagine yours are too.  I will post the weeks passage on the facebook group for them to look over.  The goal for the adult leaders is for them to come prepared.

3. Once awhile post a sermon that relates to your message at youth.  Just find the podcast and copy the link and post it in facebook or email it off.  Encourage your leaders to download it to their iphone or ipods.

4. Post all the small group material online.  Once the material is online make sure that you are available to discuss any questions with leaders before they go to their small group .

5. Funny youtube video once a month.  My leaders love to have fun.  I bet yours do too.  I have a bookmark folder for great youtube videos that crack me up.  Once a month I will post it in the group for a laugh.  Obviously it has to be clean.

Here are 5 things I have been working at for training my adult leaders, do you train your leaders online?  If so, then what do you use?”  

2 thoughts on “How to Train Leaders online

  1. Great thoughts Josh! With leaders being busy, it is sometimes hard to gather them together and have “in person” meetings. Even though we both know you need those kinds of meetings, having a FB groups where you train and empower them online is a great idea! I will defiantly be doing something like this in my future ministry.

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