Get Connected- 10-21-11

Good Morning,

I pray that you have had a fantastic week! We have had a busy last couple of weeks of ministry, but it has been rewarding and fruitful. God has blessed each area of ministry that the Grove has had part in over the past two weeks. I was able to attend FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at North Davidson High School with Ed Michalak yesterday morning. I had several students from the school recognize and speak to me from the football team that we served last week. That was a huge blessing to us!

WOL @ The Grove: This past week, we had a fantastic service. Now, I say this every week, because any week where I get to spend time with our students is great! This past week, I had the privilege of speaking on the Judgment Seat of Christ. We looked at the judgment and the rewards that will be given out on that day. We had many students commit and make decisions to make their lives count here on this earth for Jesus! We had several students make decisions to be more selfless and not selfish! It was LEGIT. The next Grove service will meet on Wednesday, October 26 from 6-8 pm. I will be out of town, but Travis Hartman will be speaking. It is a special THEME NIGHT at the Grove so don’t miss it. It is Halloween at the Grove. Each student is encouraged to dress in their Halloween costume for the Grove. Leaders, come decked out as well. Leaders, have your tables decorated and ready to go as well. It is going to be crazy, I hate that I am going to miss it.

Team Jamaica Update: We will have a brief meeting this Sunday night in the hospitality room after the service. We have our first fund raiser meal on Wednesday, October 26th. We will be giving you instructions for this meal so you need to be at the meeting. I recognize that many members of Team Jamaica serve in our set up crew. We need ALL of these students to be a part of the meal. We are working on getting people to set up so that the entire set up crew can be where they need to be, and that is in the cafeteria raising money for Team Jamaica. Leaders/Parents who are attending the trip need to be at the meeting and the meal as well, because you can get a portion of what we earn for our trip. Parents of students attending, if you can help us clean up after the meal, it will be greatly appreciated! BTW: We have bought about all of the flip flops for Team Jamaica at the Old Navy here in Winston Salem. The nearest one is Salisbury or Greensboro, and I believe that both of those stores have an abundance of flip flops if you want to pick some up for the Team! Now, we will have to figure out a way to get them over there.

Featured Event: Tomorrow, the Grove visits Liberty University for their annual Scaremare. The Scaremare is a haunted house platform that Liberty uses to share the Gospel with their community. We will visit a Hockey Game before the Scaremare on the campus of Liberty University as well as do dinner. The cost for the event is $20 per person, and this needs to be paid tomorrow! If your student is not signed up or needs to cancel, please let me know so that we can cancel their tickets, etc. We have already purchased our tickets based upon the signup sheet. We will leave the church at 2:00 pm and return at 1:30 am. The time on the way back is subject to change. Please make sure that your student dresses warm for the event! The hockey rink is really cold, and the weather waiting for the Scaremare will be cold. If you bring layers for the hockey rink, we can put them back in the bus after the hockey game and before the Scaremare. We hope that your student is signed up and pumped about the event tomorrow!

Here are our upcoming events:

  • October 22 Liberty Scaremare (Cost is $20 per person). We have changed the Scaremare information again. We felt that a 3 hour drive for a 30 minute event was too much. So, we have added dinner and a hockey game into it. The cost is $20.00 per student and includes hockey game ticket, dinner, and entrance into the Scaremare. I apologize for the price jump, but that still is a great rate for what the students will get. We will leave the church at 2:00 pm and return at 1:00 am. Be prepared to be scared! All students/parents/leaders are welcome to attend. If you have any further questions about this, please let us know.
  • October 26 – Church Wide Fellowship Meal. This will be to raise money for Team Jamaica to go on their mission trip. All of Team Jamaica needs to be in attendance to get credit. Lori Beard will tell you what you are bringing next week.
  • October 26 – Theme Night at the Grove (Halloween @ The Grove). Many students think that it is immature to trick or treat so we allow them to come and do it at the Grove where they are welcome! All students are encouraged to dress up in their costumes and come ready to go for Halloween at the Grove. The service will begin at 6 pm and conclude at 8 pm.
  • November 12 – Ice Skating. The cost for ice skating will be $5 per person + you need to bring money for fast food in Greensboro (estimated $6). All students can invite their friends as well as parents & leaders are encouraged to attend as well. We will leave the church at 5:30 pm and return to the church at 10:45 pm.
  • November 14 – Chick Fil A Night (For Team Jamaica). Make plans to be at the Chick Fil A on Peters Creek Parkway that evening for dinner.
  • December 3 – Progressive Dinner– The cost is FREE!!! We are taking signups for the Progressive Dinner. If you are interested in hosting us for a meal during this evening, please see me asap. We need an appetizer home to attend, a main course to attend, and a dessert home to attend.
  • December 4 – Leaders Christmas Party
  • January 27-28 Ski Retreat (registration form with prices listed here). We have some killer deals this year for you! You need to take advantage of these deals and be a part of our ski retreat!
  • June 22-29 – Jamaica Mission Trip
  • July 6-13 WOL Camp
  • July 23-28 – The Wilds Christian Camp. If you are a student interested in attending the Wilds, there is a meeting after the service with Jennifer Grogan on November 6.

I hope that this edition of “Get Connected” has been informative and helpful for you. If you want to know more, you can check out our website for a more exhaustive listing of our events. If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page. You can also follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove and it is really cool just to build up our followers. We count it a privilege to serve alongside of you. Have a great weekend!!!!


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