Poll: Texting Students Each Week

Recently I purchased my first IPHONE! I was forced to get a new phone, because my stupidity allowed me to jump into a pool with my Droid. So, I was faced with a decision of getting a new Droid or upgrade to an IPHONE. I have always wanted an IPHONE so I decided to go with it. I began looking for the top apps for the IPHONE for student pastors, and one of them was an app for mass texting your students. I think many of us would note that the most effective ways to communicate with students is through texting or facebook so our student ministry uses them both regularly! I tried two different apps on the Droid and neither one of them worked successfully. This group text app on the IPHONE is amazing! I typically use it once a week. Occasionally, I might not use it one week, or some weeks, I may need it two different times. Sometimes, I feel I can get annoying with the students, and I want to be careful. I wanted to get a feel for how often you use mass texting or when do you think mass texting is too much? You can leave a comment below. Josh Griffin posted a poll on this, and it really got me thinking. I wanted to get some input. You can send some feedback through a direct email at joshhevans@gmail.com or leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Poll: Texting Students Each Week

  1. I use mass texts 1-2 times a week, usually leading up to an event. I send one on Sunday morning to let them know what we are doing at youth group on Sunday night. Most of my group does not attend church, so my only opportunity to communicate with them on Sunday is through fb and text. Thanks for the heads up; now I have a good excuse to upgrade my fossil/phone!

  2. I don’t mass text (or facebook) our group regarding weekly meetings. I only use those forms of mass group communication for special events, deadlines, etc. I do try and touch base in person with each student during the week, though I rarely get to each one, so I’ll send a personalized individual message to each of those I don’t see.

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