Building a Leadership Team

When I got out of college, I felt I knew about building a leadership team, but I did not. I failed at this. After a few years of ministry, I now see the importance of building a leadership team that is behind what you are doing. I believe strongly in the thought that “you will go as far as your leadership team goes.” So, if that is the case, how far are you going? I want to post today about building a leadership team that can help take your student ministry to the next level.

  1. Pray– To build a healthy leadership team, it must begin with prayer. After all, doesn’t everything begin with prayer? Well, it should at least. Especially building a leadership team. This is something that you must bathe in prayer. Ask God to show you what to look for in a leader. Ask Him to bring you to the right leaders! Ask Him to prepare the hearts of the individual that may lead in your student ministry!
  2. Recruit– I am a huge sports fan, and I felt that recruitment only came with sports, but it is a vital part of ministry! You need to be recruiting new volunteers and leaders as your ministry grows! Look at the elements that make up a leader that you desire and then find people who fit that criteria. Then, go after them. Do not be afraid to ask people to give it a shot. I am trying to regularly have people come check out our ministry to see about the possibility of serving in our student ministry. You can announce publicly your need for leaders, but I have found it will work best if you go to an individual to ask them to serve in your ministry. Seek them out.
  3. Train– Here is where many ministries go wrong. Pastors get the guys/girls that they want in leadership, but they are all there with little training. They have the holiness that the pastor desires. They have the personality and vision that the pastor wants, but they still need training. We try and do small group training regularly. Make plans to have training sessions with your leaders regularly! Sometimes, they may need to go to a leadership development conference or have a session locally. They need to be trained on how to lead students! If you are not training leaders, you are going to consistently be discouraged on taking your students to the next level, because the students will go as far as the leaders go.
  4. Ownership– Once you give them leadership, let them run with things. I have found that many pastors are so protective over “their” ministry, they do not want anyone doing it any different than they think it needs to be done. Remember, it is not “your” ministry, but God’s. Allow your leaders to stretch you a bit if it is ultimately what God wants. We are so caught up in trying to make our personal preferences, Bible when they are just mere preferences.
  5. Share your vision/heart with them– This one is so important. They need to hear regularly your heart and vision for them and the students! You guys then need to be on the same page in trying to develop the vision in the students!

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