Do you have to go to college for student ministry?

Let me first say, you have to be called to go into student ministry. I knew of kids in college who were there, because they felt youth ministry was just a fun way to stay young. No, it is a responsibility that God gives those He calls too. With that being said, I think that college is important. Now, this is coming from a dude who personally hated school, and still not a huge fan. I think it is important. Now, this is not a “Have too.” God can use and equip people who did not go to college for their profession. So, you do not have to go to college, but it would be helpful for you in the long run. College/Seminary provides you with some helpful tools/resources/contacts/experience to become successful. It brings about the proper training to deal with the ministry in a Biblical manner. There were several things that I avoided in ministry because of college training. It also helps to hear messages and seminars daily from experienced men of God in the ministry.

Also, college will help you get a job in a church in a lot of cases. Many churches will not hire someone with no education in that field. These are just my thoughts. I value your comments so if you have more input on this matter, let me know.

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