Courageous Review

As you probably heard, this past weekend marked the opening weekend for the Christian movie, Courageous. Courageous is a movie about 4 police officers, and their quest to protect their community. Then, when tragic events take place, it makes the officers reexamine their main purpose here, and that is their family. They make a decision to lead their families in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It is an amazing, inspiring, and even convicting film. It will make men examine the way that they lead their homes. On a personal note, one thing sticks out to me as much as anything. One dad said, “I do not want to just be a good enough dad.” This is my desire, I do not want just to be good enough. I want to be courageous and great, not for my own personal glory, but for God’s glory. Dads, it is our responsibility to be the spiritual leader in our home. It is our responsibility to disciple and lead our family. It is our job to model Biblical Christianity and the precepts found in the Word of God. Here are some great elements that I loved about the movie:

  1.  Quality– I believe that God is blessing Sherwood so much with the finances to do things that we could have never asked or thought up. This movie exceeds the quality of their other films!
  2. The Gospel– They share the Gospel in the movie. You cannot beat that. It is a movie about Christian dads, but one police officer accepts Jesus during the movie which makes it awesome. I am sure many will come to know Jesus after God speaks to their hearts during this film.
  3. Challenging– If this movie does not challenge you to be a better and more spiritual dad, there is something wrong with you.
  4. Content– The content in this movie is excellent and well written.
  5. Humor– This is the funniest movie that Sherwood has made so far which always helps with reviews!

By the way, I want to encourage you to head out to the theaters and watch the movie, if you have not already done so. I also encourage you to challenge the men in your church to attend the movie as well. I am all for this movie, and hope that this movie will be used by God to challenge and strengthen homes.

The movie was #5 on the box office after its first weekend! That is very very good, and here is why this is so good: It was shown in over a thousand theaters less than the movies in front of it. Also, you saw little or no advertisement on television about the movie. God blessed this movie, Sherwood Baptist Church, and Sherwood Productions. I appreciate this church so much in using the theater and movies to challenge people and their spiritual walk!

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