9/11 We Remember Rally

None of us will forget September 11, 2001! We will never forget where we were at on this horrific day when terrorist attacked our nation! I remember I was in high school and was heading to the restroom so I had signed out of class. I was walking through the hallway when the principle told me about it. We immediately all gathered into a classroom and watched the morning unfold! It was one of the saddest things that I have ever experienced. I remember wondering if the world was ending, I personally did not know what to think. It was a sad day for our nation. Then, the way we responded was unbelievable. I appreciate George W. Bush and the way that he responded to the attacks. We, America, were now at war, and we would not end until the job is complete. The job was completed!

10 years later, we are remembering 9/11! We all remember the vivid details and images, but we also want to remember the innocent lives that were lost on that day. This Sunday will mark the 10 year anniversary of these attacks. Union Grove will be holding a “9/11 We Remember Community Rally” at the North Davidson High School Gymnasium this Sunday morning at 9:00 am. We will spend time honoring those who serve in our military as well as within our community! You do not want to miss it. Come remember 9/11 with us!

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