WOL @ The Grove

Last night we began our Word of Life (WOL) program at the Grove! The Grove student ministry is the ministry that I am privileged to serve at. We do a program called Word of Life. I encourage you to check out the link to see more about their program. They seek to develop people’s spiritual life through a life devoted to quiet time with God, prayer, community service, verse memory, etc. They put all of that into a program that we do at the Grove. It is incredible. We begin our program in August and complete it in May. It is high energy and an explosive atmosphere.

We began the program last night and had about 110 people in attendance! About 85-90 of them were students. We welcomed our new 7th graders into the Grove which was exciting! We have some rocking new 7th graders who are bringing some more energy to the Grove. We had a big night with our food so the students got stuffed. One thing to really get our students to open up to their small group leaders is through food. It is the way that our students are built. The students were very responsive to the lesson. I was privileged to speak on justification. I was able to teach the simple doctrine to the students and explain it. The Lord gave me liberty, and it went great. Our small group time went awesome as usual. Our leaders for this year are stoked and vision oriented.

We are stoked for what God is going to do this year in the Grove!!!

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