Altar, Fire, Rain

As you know, we have had revival all this week. It began on Sunday and continued through tonight. Now, when we say revival, we mean the actual services. We have been praying for personal revival for a long time to come to ourselves, our families, our church, and our community! This week, the messages have all been to the saints. Each speaker has spoke to the church people. I believe God is trying to say something to us. We worry so much with how the world is going astray, but what about the people within the church? I am convinced that the reason we are not seeing genuine revival in each of the areas I mentioned earlier is because the saints are not personally experiencing it. Our theme and motto has been, “Lord, send a great revival, and let it begin in me!” It is impossible to experience revival in our student ministry or church if the people have not personally experienced it. I knew of this, but it hit me this week more than ever.

Well, tonight was the final night of the revival. Tom Wagoner was bringing his final message to the church at Union Grove. We had a packed house. God was all over it. God led Pastor Wagoner to speak out of I Kings 18 when Elijah went up against the prophets of Baal. This is such a familiar story, but the Lord brought out many new things to me. If you look closely at the passage….well, let me give you some background first. It had not rained in 3 and a half years. Could you imagine what life would be like without rain for that long? Well, they experienced it for real. Everyone was mad at Elijah, because he predicted it. God took care of his man during this trial of his life. By the way, God will always take care of you when you are serving Him! His protection is not always from things, but sometimes it can be through things! After 3 and a half years, Elijah demands from Obadiah to meet Ahab. He challenges him to go up against the prophets of Baal and then he will see rain. Then, we know the end of the story, the prophets of Baal call on Baal for rain, and nothing happens. Then, Elijah calls on Jehovah, and fire comes down. Then, shortly after, rain comes! During the calling out of the prophets of Baal, they tore up the altar. So, before Elijah called out to God, he reparied the altar. Then, fire came down and lastly, the rain.

  1. Repair the Altar – If you want to experience revival, you must get on your knees and grow your personal relationship with Jesus! I was convicted tonight, because I have been praying for the Grove to experience revival, but I was not as their leader. I must experience it before they can!
  2. Through the Fire – Then, the fire comes. Sometimes, when God is preparing us for rain, He brings us through some fire. Be prepared, but always pray and trust through the fire!
  3. Experience the Rain – After you have experienced personal heartfelt revival and then have come through the fire. You are ready to experience the rain and blessing that God will bring His children. There is nothing like it. God can send another great revival today!

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