Church Attendance

As I look across the young guys coming up in church life, I can see that church attendance is slowly decreasing. It bothers me that so many guys do not see the importance in attending church regularly. I just want to say that I believe it is Biblical to attend church. I believe it is something that we all should do as believers. If we consider ourselves a part of a local church, we must put our all into the local church.

Tonight, our church is having revival, and I am going to watch online. It absolutely KILLS me that I cannot be a part of the revival. Now, I am in 3 services on Sunday, service on Wednesday, and many other regular services. That still does not change my responsibility to my local church to be a part of special scheduled services. I want to be there so bad. I miss the Word of God being taught to me at church. I miss the music that is sung at church. I miss the fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I miss seeing my students. There is so much that I miss when I cannot go to church, it is not worth it!


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