A Letter from Pastor Josh to the Grove:

Good Morning,

This past Wednesday, we had a fantastic time with our parents. Parents, I just want to say “Thank You” so much for taking the time out of your schedule to spend the evening with us so that we can get to know you guys better, and that you can stay connected to the Grove! We hope that this past Wednesday was worshipful, challenging, informative, and enjoyable. We discussed a lot of things, and I appreciate your patience during the evening. If you were concerned or have a question about anything that we discussed, please let me know.

We have had some confusion about online quiet time/WOL books. If you go online to our website, we have posted a new form that might be easier to understand. It gives the options of purchasing a book, online quiet time, verse packs, etc. If your student chooses to go to the online devotions, they are responsible for going here to register and pay online themselves. Please note that the online quiet time is a great resource, but they do not have verse memory on there so they would still need to purchase a verse pack from off of our website. We are trying to place our order by the end of today so if you can let us know if your student will be purchasing a book or verse pack that would be helpful. If your student does their own devotions and not interested in purchasing a WOL book, please print the form out from our website and turn it in asap. We still need their contact information. If you have any further questions about this, please let us know.

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over! We are gearing up to kick off another year of Word of Life. My first WOL year flew by, and we are looking forward to another! Our first night is August 31st. We begin at 6 pm and conclude at 8 pm. I encourage you to have your student to be there for the first night of WOL! We are hoping that our WOL books and Verse Packs will be in by the 31st. I have attached an updated Small group list for this coming year. If you have any further questions regarding the list, please let us know!

Even though the summer is about over, we still have many upcoming events you need to be aware of:

  • August 20 – CEF Evangelism Training Canceled
  • August 21-24 – Revival Services – They will be held at Union Grove at 7 pm each evening. Invite your students, friends, & family.
  • August 27 – Winston Salem Dash Game – The cost will be $10 per person. Everyone must be signed up by this Sunday for the Dash Game!!!
  • August 29 – Jamaica Mission Trip meeting – This trip is for 10th-12th graders, parents, & leaders. If you are interested in attending the mission trip, you need to be at this meeting.
  • August 31 WOL BEGINS – The times for the night are from 6-8 pm in the gym.
  • September 10 – Family Fun Festival – 3-7 pm, invite your friends and the people within your community.
  • October 1 – Volunteering at the Miracle League in High Point – 10th-12th grades. Bring $6 for Cici’s
  • October 8 – Photo Scavenger Hunt (Cost is $5 per person, and the times are from 5-9 pm)
  • October 13 – Serving North Davidson JV football team – The JV football team from North will come to our church at 3:45 pm, and we will serve them a pre game meal.
  • October 14 – Serving North Davidson V football team – The V football team from North will come to our church at 3:45 pm, and we will serve them a pre game meal.
  • October 15 Volunteering at the Miracle League in High Point – 7th – 9th grades. Bring $6 for Cici’s
  • October 22 Liberty Scaremare (Cost is $8 per person)
  • November 12 – Ice Skating
  • January 27-28 Ski Retreat (registration form with prices listed on our website under downloads). We have some killer deals this year for you!
  • March 10 Area Teens Involved
  • April 13-14 Regional Teens Involved
  • June 22-29 Jamaica Mission Trip The estimated cost of the trip will be $1300 per person (This is open for all 10th-12 graders as well as all Grove leaders & parents)
  • July 6-13 WOL Camp

I understand that there is a ton going on, and we are trying to keep you as informed as possible and keep the cost as low as possible. I have listed some long term events on in to 2012 so you can schedule your calendar accordingly.  If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page or check out the website here. On our website, you can find what the Grove is about, documents, calendar of events, and much more. You can also follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove. We love and appreciate you. We also count it a privilege to serve alongside of you this year! God bless you!

P.S. If you want to know and get more connected with my family, please visit my wife’s blog at: http://lynleeandme.blogspot.com/.

In His Service,

Josh Evans


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