Top Apps for the IPHONE4

As you know according to my recent post, I am now an an IPHONE4 user. My droid went swimming in the pool, and therefore, I was forced to get a new phone. It was not a bad thing since I was still using the Droid Eris. I liked the Eris, but since I got it, technology has developed so much more! Here are some apps that I have found to be extremely helpful for student pastors on the IPHONE4:

  1. Mapquest – This is a great app. The one thing I did not like about the Iphone4 is it did not have a gps. Well, I searched and I only found paid apps for the gps. I asked my brother in law, and he shared this app with me. This is a free app, and it has a built in gps. It has turn by turn voice talk on it and everything. It tells you the estimated time of arrival as well.
  2. Dropbox – I love dropbox. If you do not have dropbox, you need to get it! It is awesome. Dropbox is a simple way of sharing documents. I put a document in dropbox, and can immediately see it on several different computers. It works sort of like a network drive.
  3. Youversion – This is the best Bible app that I have found! I love it. It is great. You can make notes and choose from different versions of the Bible.
  4. Group Text – This is a paid app, but it is worth it. This is the easiest way to send texts to large groups of people at one time.
  5. Places – This app is through google. You can search for anything, and it will find what you are searching for in a certain mile radius! It is awesome.
Hope this helps. There are many apps I could have mentioned, but these are great for youth pastors in my opinion.

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