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Good Friday Morning to you all,

Well, I am finally starting to catch up. I have been gone so much lately, I have gotten so far behind. It feels like forever ago that I sent out a newsletter. I do appreciation Mark Etheridge taking the time to send the newsletter out for me while I was away. Here is this week’s “Get Connected” newsletter:

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over! That means a few things. First, Mark Etheridge is heading back to college at Liberty University. Mark has worked and served the Grove all summer long and has done a fantastic job! He truly has a heart for the students and leaders of the Grove. I look forward to what God is going to do in and through him in the future. I feel we should give honor to where it is due, and this Sunday night, you have an opportunity to do that. Mark will be preaching this Sunday night at Union Grove. We also will be taking up a love offering for him Sunday night as well. I encourage all of you to make plans to come Sunday night to support him through your presence as well as financially through the love offering. Secondly, WOL is about to start. Our kick off night is Wednesday, August 31. I encourage your students to make plans to be a part of the first night. Leaders, make sure you are there as well. One new thing that we have done is offer WOL registration online through our website! Many of you have used this tool, and we are asking for everyone to be registered by this Sunday. You can go online and register here. This is a much easier process than trying to get all students registered on the first Wednesday night. When you click on the form, please fill out all of the information for your Grove student. You can check the box that applies to your student regarding the book or online quiet time. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please let us know. Please try and have your student registered by this Sunday!

Even though the summer is about over, we still have many upcoming events you need to be aware of:

 August 17 – Parent Night at the Grove – This is this coming Wednesday so make plans to be a part. There will be no Grove, but ALL parents of students in the Grove are encouraged to come out to find out some important information regarding the New Year. Parents, make plans to attend. This will be a great opportunity to get to know Pastor Josh and his wife Abby, as well. The times for the night are from 7-8 pm.

 August 20 – Evangelism Training Seminar – The times for the day are from 9:15 am through 3:30 pm. The cost is free, and this is includes lunch. This is for all Grove student & adult leaders. We will be in a training seminar to help us get more training and leading someone to Christ. We then will be witnessing at the Winston Salem fair through CEF on October 1st. Please sign up asap.

 August 27 – Winston Salem Dash Game – The cost will be $10 per person.

 August 31 – WOL BEGINS – The times for the night are from 6-8 pm in the gym.

 September 11 – Family Fun Festival – 3-7 pm, invite your friends and the people within your community.

 October 1 – Evangelizing at the Winston Salem Fair

 October 8 – Photo Scavenger Hunt (Cost is $5 per person, and the times are from 5-9 pm)

 October 22 – Liberty Scaremare (Cost is $8 per person)

 November 12 – Ice Skating

 January 27-28 – Ski Retreat (registration form with prices- listed on our website under downloads)

 March 10 – Area Teens Involved

 April 13-14 – Regional Teens Involved

 June 22-29 – Jamaica Mission Trip – The estimated cost of the trip will be $1300 per person (This is open for all 10th-12 graders as well as all Grove leaders)

 July 6-13 – WOL Camp

I understand that there is a ton going on, and we are trying to keep you as informed as possible as well as keep the cost as low as possible. I also have listed some long term events on in to 2012 so you can schedule your calendar accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming events, please let us know.

If you ever have questions or want quick information regarding the Grove, check out our facebook page or check out the website at On the website, you will find a helpful Grove page with information and downloads that will be a help to you. Also, please follow us on twitter (@ugbcgrove) for instant information regarding the Grove.

In His Service,

Josh Evans
Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church
Web: Blog:
W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657

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