Thursday at WOL Camp 2011

Today was definitely a bit more relaxed. Now that Teens Involved is over, our students have some  more time to relax. Yesterday I posted the Teens Involved results, and was so proud of our kids! We have a great group of students, and I truly count it a privilege to be serving them this summer. This morning’s service was great, and our speaker, Paul Woods, really hit on some practical things that are commanded out of I Peter 4. What Pastor Paul really hit on this morning was loving others in spite of some people being unlovable. He really encouraged the teens especially to reach out to those that are younger than them, and to love them like Jesus loves us.

We also had a basketball tournament this evening. This tournament consists of several teams including a team for us leaders, which we are always titled throughout the week as “Squishes.” Sammy Hege and myself played on the “Squishy” team. Even though our team did not do the greatest, we still had a lot of fun. It was also good just being around our kids, and we definitely appreciated them cheering us on!

Tonight was the campfire service. Ric Garland spoke in this service and it was incredibly challenging. Rick challenge came from James 4:6 which says, “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” It was a challenge for our students to leave authentic lives and do this by humbling ourselves and repenting of our sins before God. It was very challenging for me as well, and I realized the importance I have as a leader in helping our kids follow through with decisions they have made during the week.

Something that I would ask praying for is that our students will follow through with the decisions they have made this week. Many times students will make decisions on nights like this, then they will go home, mess up, then think because they messed up a few times there no need to try anymore. This is obviously not true,  but it is a trap that Satan uses luring our students away from their commitments. So it is a necessity that we pray for our kids, and that they will rest in the grace that Jesus has given them, and that when they do fall (because we all do!) they will get back up and cling to the grace that is found is Jesus. Tomorrow is our last day of camp, and God is working in the lives of our students, and they need us to help them once they have made these decisions for Christ. Please continue to pray for them as we finish out our last day of camp tomorrow!



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