Hey guys! We just finished the Teens Involved Banquet and Awards. Here are the results:

Senior High Choir: 2nd Place- “Just As I Am”

Junior High Drama: 4th Place- “How to Pray”

Junior High Group Puppets: 4th Place- “Incident Near a Snake Farm”; 5th Place- “It’s Good to be a Frog”

Senior High Instrumental Group: 4th Place- “You are Holy”

Junior High Instrumental Solo: 5th Place- Chelsea Frye

Senior High Instrumental Solo: 4th Place- Kristina Mauk

Junior High Piano Solo: 3rd Place- Kimberly Grogan

Senior High Piano Solo: 4th Place- J.T. Wilt

Junior High Small Vocal Group: 2nd Place- “Orphans of God”

Senior High Quiz Blitz: 1st Place- Grove Knights; 5th Place- Grove Giants

Senior High Video Presentation: 3rd Place- Austin Jordan and Matthew Mauk

Senior High Expository/Topical Preaching: 1st Place- Nathan Page

Our students did a great job and we are very proud of them! It is awesome to see so many of our students participating in Teens Involved. This is an awesome way to equip students now and also for many years in the future!



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