Third Day of WOL Camp 2011

Hey guys! Wanted to give another update on what’s happening down here at camp! Today was an action-packed day with lots of things going on! First off, today’s services were awesome! This morning we were introduced to our speaker for the week, Paul Woods. Paul is the youth pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Pastor Josh was actually able to work under Paul in his student ministry while attending Trinity Baptist College. This morning, he started our morning series titled “Livestrong.” We will be looking into the book of I Peter this week and examining how we are enabled to live above just “getting by”  because of what Jesus has accomplished through the cross. Ric Garland spoke again in the night service and hit on some things we have been talking about this summer in our James series “Living Out What Lies Within” at the GROVE. Particularly, he spoke from Philippians 2 and how we are to reach out to others in our youth groups and not disregard others because they are different than us, but to accept them and love them as Christ loves them.

Teens Involved was also going on today. It was our busiest day of T.I. competitions. Everyone else competed today, except for the two Quiz Blitz teams who will compete tomorrow. It was a very busy day of competitions, but it was so encouraging seeing our students serve the LORD in what He has gifted them in! We have some awesome students who have some much potential!

One of the highlights of the day (at least for me) was tonight’s talk back time. We began to talk about tonight’s message on how we are to treat others equally and welcome those who may be different than us. I was amazed at the students who spoke up in front of their peers about this topic and was greatly encouraged by their perspectives. God is definitely working in the lives of our teens, and it’s awesome! I love this place, and I love to see students grasping what God’s Word has to say! I am so excited about what the LORD is doing here, and how He is going to use our students now and in the future!


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