Day #4 of WOL Camp 2011

Today was a great day and we had a lot of fun! This morning’s message  was from Paul Woods out of I Peter 2. He spoke on experience and how we are not just Christians by title, but by our experiences from conversion and until we one day meet Jesus. It was a message that was very encouraging and challenging to be one who experiences God by living out the Christian faith.

The night service was titled “BI Night.” “BI” stands for “Bible Institute.” Word of Life is not only a camp, but is also a Bible Institute and Conference Center during the year. Actually, the counselors of our kids this week are those who have attended the “BI” this past year and are now completing the Bible Institute program as a camp counselor. It was a night that promoted the Bible Institute and let the students get a glimpse of what it is like. We had several speakers (including one of the professors) give lectures and let the students in on some things they could expect were they too attend someday. I was very impressed with the presentation and the emphasis they placed on the study of God’s Word. This is really what we need whether we are church leaders are not. We all need to know God’s Word, and I think the Bible Institute is a great place to attend to become further grounded in the truth of the Scriptures.

Today was also our last day of Teens Involved. The last event our students competed in for the week was the quiz blitz. We had two teams compete and both of them did very well! Our team the “Grove Giants” placed 5th and missed the championship game by only one point! Our other team, the “Grove Knights” took 1st place of the entire quiz blitz competition! This is the 3rd year in a row this team has won the quiz blitz competition! It was an intense game, and it literally came down to the last question. But in the end, our team won by one point! It was awesome, and we were all so excited to see our kids win the competition for a 3rd straight year! Tomorrow, we will have the Teens Involved Banquet and we will know the final results of our events!

Tonight, there is a pizza/pool party. This is what the students are doing tonight. I was down there a bit ago, and ran into a few of our students, and they were having a blast! I am really enjoying seeing our kids having such a good time, and I know how it is because I was once a camper here and remember how fun it was! But more importantly, I am excited to see what God is doing and will be doing in the lives of our students spiritually.


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