Second Day of WOL Camp 2011

Today was our first full day of camp and there were plenty of things going on! There were many things going on throughout the day, and today started our Teens Involved Competitions! Today, two of the Junior High Puppet teams competed along with two instrumental soloists, and our Senior High Drama Team. Tomorrow, the rest of the students will be competing except for the quiz blitz teams, who will compete on Tuesday. It was great seeing our students compete, and use their talents for the LORD!  Regardless if they are rewarded or not with a trophy, they did a great job and I was very proud of them! We will know the results of all the Teens Involved Events by Thursday.

This morning, Tom Philips, the camp’s Senior Vice President. He spoke on mourning from the Beatitudes and how God is our Comforter during trying times.  It was a great service, and Tom really brought out how God cares about us when we are struggling and how He comforts us through things such as His Word and His Spirit. The night service was loaded with energy (as usual)!! The praise team did an extended set of songs, and Chris Finchum a WOL area missionary, spoke during the service. He spoke on how God has adopted us as His children despite being His former enemies. After the service we had what is called a “talk back time.” This is a time where the students meet back with their youth leaders, and they discuss what God is teaching them. I led this time, and we had several students briefly share what God is teaching them. It was encouraging for me, and I really enjoyed getting to hear from the hearts of our students! God is definitely working in the lives of our students,  and for Him to bring about transformation, our responsibility is to continually pray for them. Prayer makes a huge difference in how God works in situations, and I am excited to see what He will continue to do through those prayers!


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