Expectations for Small Group Leaders

Small group is ministry is really shaping the way that ministry should be done. We are finding out that this is one of the most effective ways of ministering to anyone, but especially students! Recently, Brian Baker, Mark Etheridge, and I got together to discuss small group ministry, and what we felt the expectations should be for small group leaders. I have been giving this a lot of thought, and figured that I would post on the topic:

  1. Faithful –  This is the foundation of small group ministry. I often ask myself, how can we expect our students to be faithful if their leaders are not even faithful. This is a huge responsibility and commitment, but so important. The students see if their leaders are not faithful. It hinders their effectiveness. If you are going to be a small group, be faithful and committed.
  2. Contact – This is probably the toughest and most difficult thing we ask of our leaders. It is also probably the most important. If you are a small group leader, contact your students regularly! I do not think it is too much to ask to have their group of students contacted weekly. It does not take much of your time. Students love it when they receive a phone call in the week. It encourages them and makes them feel loved and appreciated. It shows that you care.
  3. Listen – During small group discussion, the key word is discussion! I have seen some leaders think that they have to preach their own sermon during the small group time, but they do not. I encourage leaders to probe questions, but allow the students to give feedback and talk back.
  4. Pray- This is an obvious, but oftentimes neglected thing. Sometimes, we get caught in the routine of programming ministry, and we forget that lifting the students up in prayer is what can change their life.
  5. Engage – It is not too much to ask a small group leader to be involved. I ask our small group leaders to try and be at some of the major events throughout the year. I understand that leaders cannot attend everything, and that is fine, but we do ask to be at most. After all this is a commitment so be faithful.
If you have any thoughts on small group ministry, please feel free to leave a comment:

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