Update on my Family

So, I started getting into the whole blog thing a few months ago. It takes a great deal of energy to blog. Okay, in other words, you must find time to blog regularly. I hate running across blogs that are never updated. So, I try and at least put a post out there every now and then. Okay, I put one about every day if I can. It might not be something like, but I put something that I hope will be a help to you.

I figured that I have not updated you guys on what is going on with my family and I! Well, where to begin?? A lot has happened recently. So, I shall start with our living situation. When God called us to Union Grove, we tried selling our condo which was in Randleman (about an hour away). We could not sell it with the market being the way that it was. So, we decided to rent the condo which was a huge blessing at the time. Then, we had to decide on where we could stay. The church had a prophet’s chamber that they offered us. It was basicaly a studio apartment so it was all in one room. What a challenging experience? This was God opening doors for us though, and we KNEW it. So, we jumped on it, and moved a bit of our stuff in. The rest of it, we put in storage. The plan was to live in the guest room until we decided on where else we could live. So, we looked, but nothing came avaliable. We also were very worried about the lease running out on our condo in November. What if the renter does not resign or buy? We will be stuck with two mortages if we buy right now. So, we prayed….and prayed….and prayed a bit more! The church then offered us the mission house. It was a nice house that they had. The only catch was some missionaries were in there, but would move out at the beginning of the summer. That is not a problem. Once again, the Lord provided. So, we committed to it.

During that whole process, we found out that Abby was expecting a sweet baby girl!!!!!! How about I am super stoked to be a dad to this precious little baby girl. So, the church was willing to allow us to get the baby’s room ready while the missionaries were still living there. They would go away on conferences, and we would do some work in there.

Now, it is June 15, and we are completely moved into our house. Now, we can wait until November to see what happens with our renter. Also, a week from tomorrow, our daughter is supposed to be born! I am super excited about starting this new chapter in our lives.

The Lord is blessing in so many ways. Please continue to pray for us and the baby during this time. We appreciate your comments so please feel free to share at anytime. Also, you can contact me through email at joshhevans@gmail.com.

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