Had some students over…

I have been the student pastor in Lexington for a year now, and we have not been able to purchase a home yet. Recently, the church has put us up into the mission house. This is a huge blessing considering we have a baby girl coming in a couple of weeks, and it will be nice to finally have a home instead of a room.

We moved in this past weekend, and we had some students over to watch the Heat/Mavs game in which the Mavs beat the Heat. I was so thankful the Heat and their egos were demolished by Dirk! Okay, I am getting off subject. Back to the students and the reason I am writing this post. I am convinced the best relationships are built in the home. Students need to feel comfortable at your house. They need to feel welcomed at your home. I finally felt that last night! We were able to strengthen our relationships with a few students. Now, I feel they will want to come back at some point. It was just a great night of hanging out with some awesome students!

Youth pastor, if your students have not been in your home, they need to get there. They need to see you in your element!

3 thoughts on “Had some students over…

  1. Good advice and thoughts! Im looking forward to when I am a full-time student pastor so I can have students in my home. Relationships are so important in student ministry and having good places, like your home, to build those relationships are vital.

  2. Josh,

    Reading this post reminded me of the best youth pastor I had growing up. He was an young married guy like you and he and his wife wanted to get to know all of us teens. We were a fairly small group of about 10-15 kids, but they wanted to get to know us on a personal level. They started to do sleepovers. They had a small apartment and each one of us got a chance to come to their house on a Saturday night, eat supper, hang out (video games, board games, etc) and then eat breakfast the next day and they would bring us to church the next morning and then we would go home with our parents. Win-win. They also took us to a different church camp than what we normally went to and it was there that I rededicated my life to the Lord. It broke my heart when they got called to a different church and had to leave us. I still remember the impact this had on me as a young person and I am glad you and Abby have joined us at UGBC. I can see the impact you are having on these young people and it reminds me so much of what I experienced. Can’t wait to see how God uses you and our teens!

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