5 ways to engage your parents

If you’ve been in youth ministry for any amount of time, you’ve discovered that it isn’t just about youth. Student Ministry has a wide range of contacts that we must keep informed. Many student ministries fail at this, but there is a way to be successful when it comes to engaging our students’ and their parents.

Keep Consistent Communication

I have found a weekly newsletter is the best way of contacting them. I would rather communicate with them in every way possible before they can say, “I did not know that was due today!” I send a weekly newsletter on Friday morning. I put our upcoming events, news, what we are learning, etc in the newsletter. I used to use a flashy newsletter, but I have found they do not care much about that, they want the information. I also update our twitter/facebook page regularly. I use texting and our website as well so we cover all ways of communication.

I also utilize the Sunday bulletin as much as possible for those who still read it. 🙂

Be Timely

If we expect our parents to be on time, we must be on time. Now, let me clarify, when I say on time, I mean early. If you say meet at the church at 10 am, be there no later than 9:40 am. I try and be there at least 45 minutes before every event that we do depending on work I must do to get it ready.

Be Organized

If there’s a single issue that plagues the reputation of youth pastors more than any other, it is a lack of organization. This is the constant joke for youth pastor’s across America. I consider myself to be an above average organizer. I use filing cabinents. I use folders on my computer. We must also show organization to our parents! They deserve to see this from us.

Plan ahead. Add details for them. Learn to think like a parent so that you can get the questions answered before they are even asked!

Be In Prayer

Pray for parents. Send them emails or text messages informing them that you pray for them.

Be A Spiritual leader

You need to lead as a pastor. You must be a bold Christian. Make decisions to please Jesus not the critics. They will want to see you be the Godly leader. Parents must see you fulfilling this role in their student’s lives.

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