Using Social Media effectively

Technology is so far advanced, it is difficult to keep up. I am 26 years old, and I struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. By the time, you get the newest gadget, someone has already come out with something better than you. It is crazy. Social media is becoming more and more advanced as well. Now, you can shy away from this, or embrace it. I eager you if you are specifically in ministry to embrace it. I am a student pastor who is trying my best to embrace it. My students are constantly texting, facebooking, or tweeting. This is how they communicate. I have been in rooms with students who are tweeting and texting to other people in the exact same room. This is a different generation. So my question is how do we use social media effectively?

  1. Engage your followers/friends. Some people post just to post what they think, but they forget about the listeners. This drives listeners/followers away. You need to engage them. How? By responding to them. There is one thing I cannot stand: to not get a response to something. If they text you, text them back. If they tweet you, tweet them back. If they facebook you, facebook them back.
  2. Connect with them. Use social media specifically to build relationships with students. I have seen students come to our student ministry that I have connected with through social media.
  3. Network with new people. Myspace used to be the thing. Everyone had one! It also got a bad reputation, because of the sex offenders and porn stars on their. So, people were scared about meeting new people, etc. I have used facebook in particular to meet new people. I have met new students by adding them by school, etc. Use it as an outreach tool.
  4. Don’t overuse it. Do not let this be your only contact to the students. I would venture to say, don’t let this even be the main contact to your students, but it does need to be a contact!
Social Media is a great thing when used correctly! If you have any comments or helpful hints regarding social media, we encourage you to leave them below:

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