10 ways to give your students ownership

Ownership is a huge part of a successful student ministry. This has been something I have learned the hard way. I felt like I could do it all…the very best! So, I am one of these that wants to do things myself instead of entrusting someone else to do it. I have realized this lately as I have grown as a leader that it is not about me. The Grove student ministry is not about me! It is about Christ, and it is about the students! Here are 10 helpful ways to give your students ownership of the student ministry:

  1. Announcements- this is simple, but students appreciate being asked.
  2. Set up/Tear Down- Allow the students to set up in creative ways.
  3. Testimonies- This is a thing we have done lately with our students. They love hearing other students share what Christ is doing in their lives.
  4. Social Media- We are trying right now to get our students into sharing the Grove’s info on the social media’s platform.
  5. Prayer- Have your students lead in prayer and in taking requests.
  6. Media- Students these days are so gifted with technology, it is not even funny. Allow them to use their talents by running the power point, creating videos, etc.
  7. Greeting- Learn to teach your students to meet the visitors that come into the room.
  8. Planning- Have your students approve some of your activities, etc. Also, have them plan the events.
  9. Music- Invite students to participate in the music portion of your service.
  10. Speaking- We have a couple of young men who are called to preach in our student ministry. I try and give them times to speak to their peers in the Grove.
These are just a few of the many ways to get your students more involved. I am telling you that they will be more excited about serving and more excited about what your doing if they feel like they are an integral part of the process!

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