Golf Tournament Important Information

Good afternoon,

This Saturday is the annual golf tournament to help raise money for WOL Camp. Below is the list of what to bring for the golf tournament Saturday!!! If you have any questions about what to bring, please contact Lori Beard through email at You can also call her at 336-414-1622. It is very important that you have your items on time.

Also, we are in need of students to help work during the day for the tournament. I am taking signups for working on Saturday! I need to know if your student has a preferred time to work. We are in need of several workers for the last shift. Please let me know asap, or I will assign a specific time for your student to work. Here are your options:

All Day (11:20 am – 1:15 pm)
11:20 am-1:15 pm
1:15 pm- 3:45 pm
3:45 pm – 6:15 pm

Aker, Matt- Box of Twinkies
Bailey, Josh- Box of Strawberry Shortcakes
Bailey, T.W.
Barrow, Gabby- Box of Oatmeal Crème Cakes
Berrier, Leann- Case of Waters
Beverly, DJ- Box of Fudge Rounds
Bush, Jennifer
Bush, Jeremy
Clonch, Isaiah- Case of Waters
Colson, Paige- 2 lg Bags of Chips
Dowell, Devin- lg Mustard and lg Ketchup
Etheridge. Mark
Frye, Chelsea- 4 pks of Hotdog Buns
Gallimore, Joseph- Hotdog Chili
Garrow, Breanna- Case of Waters
Gilmore, Annie
Gilmore, Seth- 4 pks of Hotdog Buns
Gordon, Tiffany- Case of Waters
Griffith, Allyson- Slaw and Chopped Onions
Griffith, Haley- Squeeze Mayonnaise
Grogan, Kimberly- 2 lg Bags of Chips
Harris, Ken
Harris, Kim
Hege, Jessica- Box of Honey Buns
Hege, Missy- Baked Beans
Hege, Sam
Hungerford, Aaron- Cupcakes
Hungerford, Caleb- 2 pks of Hotdog Buns
Jordan, Austin- 4 pks of Hotdog Buns
Jordan, Josh- Box of Nutty Bars
Kalanarhos, Danielle- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mauk, Kristina- Baked Beans
Mauk, Matthew- 2 pks of Hotdog Buns
Moon, Ryan- Case of Waters
O’Dell, Taylor- Box of Choco Cookie Nabs
Page, JD- Hotdog Chili
Page, Nathan- Box of Granola Bars
Pollard, Chase
Salernitano, Jennifer- Box of Rice Krispie Treat Bars
Scott, Olivia- Box of Raisin Crème Cookies
Spaugh, Tyler- Box of Vanilla Cookie Nabs
Tullock, Rachael- Slaw and Chopped Onions
Wilt, JT- Box of Star Crunch Cookies
Windsor, Mary- Brownies
Worley, Anna- Case of Waters
Worley, Emily- Box of Zebra Cakes

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Have a blessed afternoon!

FYI: We do have our summer sizzler program tomorrow evening beginning at 6:30 pm, and your student will probably get wet so dress appropriately!

In His Service,

Josh Evans
Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church
Church Phone: 336-764-2103 Ext. 313
Cell Phone: 336-953-6427
Fax: 336-764-8657

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