Style Vs. Anointing

Blake Appleby is a good friend of mine in Florida. He is a student pastor at Elevation. The Lord is doing some big things through him there and in their community. He wrote recently in his blog an interesting thought about preaching. I wanted to share this with you:

Style VS Anointing

I believe it takes a special calling from God to be a communicator of the Word of the Lord. He doesn’t just call anybody to preach or teach.You must be anointed.

I hear the term “anointed” tossed around by pastors and Christian leaders left and right. Many of these communicators who are claiming to be anointed are lacking in effectiveness. Let me be clear, being anointed has absolutely nothing to do with the style in which you preach. I’ve seen men stand behind pulpits and talk, but they don’t have a bit of power.

They confuse style with anointing.

Style can be cultural. It can be a result of your personality or how you do things. But style is not necessarily anointing.

One problem with this generation today is we are imitating other people’s style. Men are thinking if they can speak like the pastor from their favorite podcast then they will have what that pastor has. But we must realize that our power is really not in our style.

The only key to effectiveness is being anointed.

Stop worrying about your stylepresentation, or protocol. Don’t worry about what people think about you. You’re not going to have to imitate someone else, and act like something that you’re not.

God will make you effective. 
God is going to use what he gave you to reach people.

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