Faith Exposed through Trials

Have you ever been through a circumstance where you sat back, and asked, “God, why would you put me through something this painful?” If you haven’t, God bless you! Sometimes, we look at things through our “SUPER-Spiritual eyes, and say, never ask why? Sometimes though, we do. We question, what is God doing here. I have been here, but I have learned how to handle things in these difficult circumstances.

This summer, The Grove, will be embarquing on a summer Bible study through the book of James. We have entitled the series, “Living out what is within!” After all, the theme of the book of James is faith at work. It is your faith lived out in the way that we live. We live in a generation that desires sincerity and authentic people. We live in a generation that hates hypocrisy. Through the summer we are going to look out living out our faith through circumstances. The first one is through trials. Faith being exposed through trials.

We all face trials and difficult cirumstances! James 1:2 says, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.” James writes saying, count it joy when ye fall…It is not “if you fall” or “you may fall.” It is WHEN you fall. We will fall into divers temptations. We will fall into difficult cirumstances. The principle is not what happens to us, but how we respond to the thing that happens to us.

James says, Count it all joy. The word, count is a mathematical term. It is a term that is used for calculating correctly. If you count your money, you must do it accurately in order to be able to purchase something. We must calculate the trial we are facing and come to the conclusion of the value in the trial. The pain is not valuable but the outcome certainly is

Here are some reminders when going through difficult circumstances:

  1. God is trying to develop your character
  2. God provides the means to help you triumph over trials
  3. God will reward those who endure
– “God is not interested in what you get in life, but what you become in life”

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