your student ministry should mirror your community

I heard Pastor Messer speak at Trinity Baptist College about a year ago. In his message, he made this statement, “Your church mirror the community in which you live. If there are black people in your community, there should be black people in your church. If there are poor people in your community, there should be poor people in your church.” This convicted me like “nobody’s business.” I began dwelling on this thought as I continued hearing the Spirit speak through him to me. He then said, “if Jesus were on earth, He would be in the most cultural diverse church on the planet.” I began thinking, would Jesus be a member of our church. Now, this is a hypothetical thought, but seriously? Does your church mirror the community? I began to see what I could do to change this amongst our student ministry, the Grove! I began to pray for students of all different races and backgrounds. Since I began to encourage evangelism more and pray this prayer, the Lord has answered in some large ways! We have 4 black students enter our student ministry on a regular basis. Now, you say, is that all you are trying to do? In a way, no, but in a way, yes. Let me explain, if I was looking for a church, it would be difficult to attend an all black church. I would feel out of place as the only white boy in the congregation. Well, they feel the same way. We have to have an environment that welcomes people of all races and backgrounds. We are moving forward with this thinking with the help of the Spirit.

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