A loving or a Cruel God

Every Wednesday afternoon, our students go on community outreach. We go out and knock on doors inviting people to our church and further into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, I know knocking on doors may seem old fashioned, but it still works. We are getting the church name out in our community, and we can share the love of Christ with people each week.

This past week, I was placed in a group with 2 teen guys. We knocked on a door, and this man came to the door. He was an extremely nice man. He was very confused about his beliefs though. He claimed the Bible was not the actual words of God. When this happens, it is tough to witness, because everything I say is coming from the Word of God. We started talking about the belief that there is a God. He says that he believes at some time there was a Jesus. I spoke of judgment and the wrath to come. He said, “his belief in a God is that God is love, and it would be a cruel thing to do to send someone to hell, because they do not believe in Him. This is a cruel God, and he believes in a loving God.” He told me that the God that I say I serve and believe in is just a cruel God when I should believe in a loving God.

I thought about this, and I am convinced that the average unbeliever likes to think God is love. This is one of His biggest attributes. I love this attribute. The problem is that we also have to accept and believe that we serve a God who is holy and just. He hates sin, because of His holiness. So, He is 100% love, 100% just, and 100% holy all at one time. The just part is not as fun to think about as the love part, but based upon the holiness of God, He must judge sin! Bottom line, every person is giving a way of escape from the judgment of God through the love God has shown this world by sending His Son. The problem is like the man we spoke with on outreach, people do not accept Him.

Will you accept Him today?

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