Osama Bin Laden

Last night, the world received news that Osama Bin Laden has indeed been killed! He was killed in combat when the American army found him and forced him to surrender. After resisting surrender, they shot him. This is the most wanted terrorist in America, and now he is dead and gone. Now, this brings me to the thought, are we glad he is dead. I am not rejoicing about his death, but I am rejoicing about justice and closure. It is an interesting debate, and has been going on in the “church leader” realm since we heard the news. What about the 42,000 lives that have been killed since then, because of this man’s acts? This man and the families deserve justice, and they have it.

We have to be careful and not limit the grace of God in this matter saying that the grace of God is not powerful enough to save Bin Laden. It is, but he refused the calling of God. Bin Laden did not like Christians and followed Allah. He had a chance just like everyone else.

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