Online Quiet Time

We live in a very computer generated society. Honestly, if my computer crashed, I would be in serious trouble. We rely on them constantly. The average adult spends about 2 hours a day on the computer. The average student spends over 4 hours a day on the computer. That is insane. It is not going the opposite way either, people are increasing their computer time. Social networking sites are so popular right now. There are over 500 million active facebook users. Word of Life local church ministries has launched the online quiet time. It is an opportunity to do your devotions with God online. First you create an account. You will set up a profile just like other social sites. Then, you can add friends, etc. The coolest thing is you can do your quiet time with God online. It has several commentaries for you to look at as well as versions of the Bible. You can write about it in the journal portion. Also, there is a prayer request page where you can submit your prayer requests, and your friends can pray for your needs. When they click that they have prayed, a notification comes to you to inform you that your need has been prayed for by…What a great tool. Check it out today, and I encourage you to get on board with it!

WOL Online Quiet Time

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