Easter Recap

“He is Risen…” Those 3 words changed the course of mankind. They changed eternity and life. On a personal note, those 3 words changed my life! We just celebrated those 3 words yesterday all across the world. I love reading on twitter about all of the churches in America who made Jesus known big in their cities this Easter. I love Easter. I get super stoked around Easter, because it is a time to celebrate Jesus resurrection. The resurrection seperates us from other religions. It defines who we are. We serve a risen Savior! We serve a Savior who conquered sin, hell, and the grave!

The problem is that we should celebrate this event every day. A day should not go by ever where you do not spend time thanking God for resurrecting! Too often though many…many days go by where we forget about it. Every Sunday should be a HUGE Sunday, because we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior! Let’s not just focus on this event one time during the year, but rather daily let us send our praises to God for His glorious resurrection!

I agree though that the church should capitalize on this time of year for reaching the lost. We certainly did at Union Grove. We had about 700 people attend our morning services! That is one of our largest services….EVER! We were so thankful to the guests that visited us, and for our people inviting them! Thanks guys. We just enjoy sharing Christ’ love with new people. It was great. We shared the complete gospel through the doctrine of justification. We also saw several follow the Lord in believer’s baptism Sunday night for baptism! Praise the Lord. It was awesome. God showed up and made Himself known.

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