This past week, our church‘s choir and drama team performed the Easter musical and drama called, “The Centurion.” They performed on Saturday and Sunday evening. “The Centurion” was about a Centurion named Justus. It followed Justus’ life as he was commissioned by Pilate to find out information regarding Jesus. He searched and asked, and found something completely different than expected, a relationship with Jesus Christ. Justus and his family died for their faith, but they died knowing for sure where they were spending eternity!

What a privilege and a joy to know that if the Lord were to return today or if I were to die, I am headed straight to Heaven. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” We would immediately open our eyes in the presence of Heaven. A dear saint this past week in our church passed away, and he is in Heaven now worshiping His King!  Do you know Him? I am not asking if your family or your friends know Him? I am not asking if you attend church or are you a good person? I am asking do you have a personal relationship with Christ? It is not about religion, but it is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion saves no one.

Thank you to all of the hard work that everyone put into The Centurion! I appreciate the directors so much for investing their time, energy, and resources for the cast and for our church! If you want to check it out on our website: Hope you enjoy and that it would be a blessing to you.


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