Student Conference = EPIC

This past weekend, our students had the privilege of attending the student conference at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL. All I can say is WOW! We honestly did not know what to expect, because this was Trinity’s first student conference. Also, this was our students first opportunity to attend the place. We brought 30 students and 6 leaders. It was phenominal.

1st Day: Ed Newton had the opportunity to preach. I had never heard him in person. He was incredible! I have never heard someone use so much Scripture….EVER! He spoke with passion and heart. He was just what our students needed. Honestly, he was what I needed. I made some personal decisions in his message. I also was challenged personally to learn my Bible more and to take seriously every opportunity Christ gives me to share His love. After the message, our students participated in the dodgeball tournament. We had put together 3 different teams. The first team won to move on. Then, our other two teams were scheduled to play each other. So, we won that one as well…haha. The “No Names” ended up taking home the title. We were pretty pumped that we won the first tournament of the weekend! Go “No Names!”

2nd Day: We got up early to eat in the cafeteria. It was actually pretty good food. The sausage links were delicious. Then, Pastor Mark Neal spoke on moving forward in our Christian walk and leaving the past behind. It was an excellent message for our students. After this, the students and leaders were seperated for a session. The students heard Pastor Greg Locke and the leaders heard Roger Glidewell. If I did not come for anything but the leader session, it was well worth it! It was incredible. He taught on the exact thing that we were struggling with in the Grove. That is awesome how God worked that thing out. The students really enjoyed Greg Locke as well. Then, we have a field day. We had two basketball teams who participated in the tournament. One team lost the first round and the other won the first round, but lost in the second. They might would have won if they did not have myself on their team…just saying! The girls took home the trophy in volleyball so we were stoked about that. By the way, there was no trophy! We took home our pride though. We also jumped on inflatables and climbed rock walls, etc. It was a fun filled, but very tiring day. So, we rested and ate dinner. The evening service was with Tony Nolan. Most had heard him from Winter Jam, the largest tour in America. He laid out the Gospel. We had one of our students get saved, and there were about 15 who were saved total at the conference that evening. It was legit. I was super stoked to see Chase Pollard accept the Lord. He moved from death unto life. Awesome stuff. After this, I showed Ryan Moon around the campus, because he will be there as a college student next year. Then, we played ping pong and just hung out. It was a chill time.

3rd Day: Paul Woods closed things out for us, and the Lord used him as always. He is hilarious! Our students and leaders gravitated to him, and were tuned in. Then, we headed home. What a great trip. We arrived home around 9 pm thanking God for the safety during a horrible storm.

We definitely plan on being there next year! We, hopefully, will take more students with us! You will not want to miss it.

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