A letter from Pastor Josh to the Grove

Good Morning,

There will not be an issue of “Get Connected” this week due to us being in Florida for the student conference, but I still wanted to email you and fill you in on some things that are happening around the Grove!

Please pray for our students as we leave for Florida tomorrow morning for the student conference! Pray that we will all be challenged and changed for God’s glory! Pray also that we will have a safe trip, and the Lord would protect us.

There will be a YAAC this Sunday night, April 10th after the evening service. The YAAC will be at the Greenleaf’s house. All students are encouraged to attend. There will be games with tons of great prizes!

On Wednesday, April 13, the Grove will have our North Davidson theme night. This is an outreach event. I am praying for many unsaved North Davidson students to attend so we can reach out to them. If you know of any North students, please invite them to the Grove on this night. We have many things planned, and we are certainly looking forward to what God is going to do.

WOL Camp is still several months away, but we need to start sign ups. The dates for camp are July 9-16. We encourage all students to attend even if you do not make it to International Teens Involved. Camp is where it is at. Many spiritual decisions have been made at camp, and we want you in on what is going on. The cost is $279 and this is not including the $30 International Teens Involved fee. Now, we need a $75 deposit by Sunday, April 17th in order for you to lock in the $279 price. We have several fund raisers listed on the website that you can check out for this camp. Our first fund raiser is a Chick Fil A night on Monday evening, April 18. I will need a few students to help me with this. We hope your student will join us. If you are a leader interested in attending, please contact me ASAP so I can make sure we have enough leader rooms available!

It feels like we just finished with Area Teens Involved, but Regional is just around the corner! Regional Teens Involved is set for Friday-Saturday, April 29-30. It is held at Piedmont Baptist College. The only competition that we have on April 29th is quizzing. Now, I understand it is the junior/senior weekend, and we are trying to work around that. Missy is putting together 2 quiz teams, and the others will be passed through. Saturday will be an all day event! We will be taking a bus over to Piedmont. We will be leaving at around 8:45 am from Union Grove. You will be hearing final arrangements as the date gets closer. I have been informed that there is a orientation meeting at 9:30 am that all students participating need to be at.

On Sunday-Monday, May 29-30, the Grove will have its “Operation Getaway” event! This is our first “Operation Getaway” event. “Operation Getaway” is an overnight celebration for school being out! The event will be held at Victory Mountain Camp in Sophia, NC (about 50 minutes away from UG). We will have the entire camp rented out for the Grove! We will leave Sunday afternoon (May 29) at 1 pm from the church, and return Monday evening (May 30) at 6 pm. We will have Sunday evening service at the camp. Some of the activities include: fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water kick ball, swimming pool, capture the flag, basketball, soccer, petting farm, tons of free time, and much more! The cost is $35 per person and this is includes all of your meals, activities, and lodging. You will not want to miss “Operation Getaway!” Leaders, if you are able to come, please let me know, because we will need your help! It is going to be EPIC! We will be taking signups soon. Now, I understand that this is the weekend school is getting out, but with the schedule the way it is, it was about the only time we could pull this thing off. I do apologize for the slight inconvenience. I do hope that it works for you and your family!

These are few of the large things that you need to know about the Grove. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a blessed day!

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