It’s Awesome to Trust God

“Trusting God is not the secret to knowing God, but knowing God is the secret to trusting God!”

Pastor Tom Messer said this once, and it always stuck out to me. So many people are trying to trust God without developing a quiet time with God. If people could learn the secret to knowing God, the trusting would come a bit easier.

Abby and I have had a few instances in our lives where we have had to trust God with everything in our lives. We were unsure of the future at times, etc, but it was our trust in God that kept us going. Abby and I both struggle with worry. I struggle a bit more than she does with it, but I am getting better. One thing that I want to get across in this post is how awesome it is to not know what is coming! Now, this does not seem very awesome, actually it seems awful, but what do you mean? Just think God has promised to provide for His children. If you are a child of God, you are kept by God, and His hand is protecting and providing for you! There are times in life where we will not know the answer or what is coming up next, but the awesome part is that God always does. There is never a “light bulb” moment with God. Nothing ever dawns on God! He already knows what is coming. So, whatever you are worrying about today, trust God! Trusting God is awesome, because He always knows what is best for His own. It is also awesome to know that it will work out, but waiting to see how God works it out.

“Don’t look so much into what you don’t know that you forget who you know!”

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