Connect 2011 Recap

As I post this morning, I am exhausted after a sensational weekend that we just came through! As many of you that keep track of this blog know, we had our big Connect event with Grace Baptist Temple this past weekend. This past Saturday evening, roughly about 300 students gathered to worship God to have a ton of fun. The energy level was through the roof. It was unbelievable. We had a ton of fun games. We saw the youth pastors act crazy and students participate in game time. Lifesong from Trinity Baptist College came to help for the weekend and did a fantastic job. The Lord used them to bring the energy, but also to lead the people to worship. It was incredible. Daniel Riddick spoke about the importance of being connected to Jesus. The three words he used were Surrender, Mission, Pursue. It was awesome to see the altars filled during the response time. The best part of the entire night was to see 2 people come to know Jesus as their Savior! What a success? It has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with God and what the Holy Spirit was able to do.

If you were not a part of the Connect event, we are planning on February 25, 2012 so mark your calendar to come be a part! We hope to see you there! Trust me, you do not want to miss it.

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