Principles on Preaching

This past weekend, our pastoral staff and our wives had the opportunity to attend the Timothy+Barnabas conference in Gatlinburg, TN. This is a pastor’s conference put on by Dr. Johnny Hunt and his wife, Janet. They do a fantastic job. This was the first time that I had attended the conference, and I was overly impressed. There was an excellent balance of practical teaching and instruction, but also encouragement. I also was impressed with how much they did for the wives as well. What an incredible time we had. He taught us on some practical preaching principles, and I wanted to share these with you:

  1. Preach theologically
  2. Preach expositionally
  3. Preach illustratively
  4. Preach thoroughly
  5. Preach intentionally
  6. Preach practically
  7. Preach visionally
  8. Preach professionally
  9. Preach passionately
  10. Preach compassionately
  11. Preach humbly
  12. Preach Boldly
  13. Preach urgently
  14. Preach expectantly

These are some good principles to apply to your preaching each week! Hope this helps. If you have never been to the conference, I encourage you to attend. I came back refreshed and encouraged. The Lord really used the conference in my wife and I’s life.

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