Get Connected- Book Review

I mentioned in my last post that God allowed our pastoral staff to attend the Timothy-Barnabas conference in Gatlinburg, TN. The conference is put on by Dr. Johnny Hunt and his wife, Janet. It was extremely encouraging, and I sure hope I have the opportunity to go back at some point. While at the conference, we were given some great resources. I began a book by Dr. Johnny Hunt called, “Get Connected-mobilizing your church for God’s mission.” If you desire a book on literally how to get your church connected to the heartbeat and mission of Jesus, THIS IS THE BOOK! I am so impressed with this book and how to get your behind what we are doing. The book gives helpful principles of how to get your people out of the “I attend church” mode and into the “I have a purpose” mode. What I mean by that is that the book gives principles to help move your people from just attending church and that’s it to a place of finding purpose and involvement in the church! I recommend the book highly!

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