Social Media Affects our students

It would be stupid to say that social media does not have to affect our students. It is going to in many different ways. I am going to share with you a way that has really caught my attention lately. We do youth group every Wednesday night. I have had numerous people raise their hands showing their need for Christ in their heart, and when given the opportunity, not moving to get help with this question. They sit there. Now, this could be nerves. I have approached them afterward to see if they had any questions about Jesus, and they respond, “Nah, I’m good, talk to you later.” Then, within minutes I receive a Facebook message or a text from that same person with a question. Why could we not talk in person. This is the affect social media is having on our students. Now, we could argue is this could or bad for students, but that does not matter, it is going to happen regardless. So, let’s try and embrace it and cultivate it. Let’s don’t shy away from it. We can encourage talking face to face, but let’s not shun a conversation just because of the culture of today’s society. By the way, this is a person’s soul we are talking about here so it is the most important decision. So, Facebook, text, or tweeting, I do not care, I am going to share Christ and seek to answer questions in whatever way we can and hopefully then, we can see students accept Christ. I  have been in many discussions through Facebook and texting lately about new life in Christ! I have tried to answer questions about this doctrine. Please pray for several of our students as they are making steps toward a commitment to Christ!

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