Senior Adult Soup & Cornbread Fellowship

I was privileged to attend and even speak at the Senior Adult Soup and Cornbread Activity this morning! I am still getting to know the senior adults in our church. We have some very Godly older people in our church. They are faithful no matter the circumstances. I spoke about the promises of God. You know, God’s promises are amazing and found throughout the Bible. We looked at God’s presence, protection, and provision! It is in the very nature of God to be Omnipresent. This means He is everywhere at all times. It is impossible for a believer to escape the presence of God. I am also thankful for the presence of God. I heard Pastor Tom Messer (Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL) say that “protection is not always from, sometimes, protection is through.” We as believers have a very dim view of God sometimes. We think that being a Christian means God will keep us from everything and not expose us to anything that may harm us. I am glad God’s ways are much higher than mine. His thoughts are much higher as well. God brings us through things to prove to us on the other side (which we cannot see sometimes) that He was presently protecting us through it all! Then, God provides for us! Jehovah Jireh (The Lord will provide) is one of my favorite names for God in all of Scripture. Bottom line, these are promises that God in His character cannot break! You can take it to the bank, God will keep these 3 promises!

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