Pizza Hut with Brian Baker

I went to pizza hut with Brian Baker. Brian is a Word of Life local missionary. Brian has been a huge encouragement and help to me in my new ministry at Union Grove. I love hanging with guys, like myself, are interested in students and what is reaching students. Brian is extremely passionate about students and building healthy relationships with them. One major discussion was how to develop student leaders within the student ministry. This is one of the most important, but most difficult things to do in student ministry. We began throwing ideas and discussing what other guys’ are saying. Here are some of things that came to our minds while discussing this:

1. Spend time discipling specifically at least 1 student a week. We need to be being discipled by someone at all times, but always using our time and resources to disciple students below us as well.
2. Keep them accountable. Accountability is needed at every stage in life. Keep them just as accountable as your adult leaders in the student ministry.
3. Train them. All student leaders need time with training. Put resources in their hands to read that will help develop their skills and help them become a better leader. Take them to conferences that will challenge them to become a better leader for Christ.
4.  Model leadership for them. Students need to see us modeling it for them. Paul said in Scripture, “follow me as I follow Christ.” This is how student ministry should be run. They should be following us (student pastors) as we follow Christ. Perhaps the problem the student ministry has in developing student leaders is their youth pastor is not setting the example for them to follow.

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