Overwhelmed by God’s love

As you know, I am a student pastor at Union Grove Baptist Church in Lexington, NC. I have the privilege of speaking to about 80 students every Wednesday evening and building authentic relationships with each of them during the week. Lately, we have been doing a series on the afterlife. It has brought us to a place where we have discussed hell and what hell (according to the Word of God) will be like. It has opened up tons of questions from our students. I have been asked, “how could a loving God allow people to go to hell.” I have seen students raise their hands acknowledging their need for a Savior. I have seen students accept Jesus! These lessons and these conversations have really spoke to me. I have been overwhelmed by a God who loves us. I love that song, “Oh how He loves” by David Crowder. I could listen to that song with my eyes closed for hours just dwelling on the fact that we have a God who loves us. Now, some think yeah, we are pretty lovable creatures, but we are unworthy of His love. All of us are! I encourage every person to thank God for His love every day and never miss an opportunity to tell Christ how much you love him. If you have never experienced the love of Christ, I encourage you to reach out to Him today, and you will find a love reaching out to you that is never ending!

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