5 Reasons Some Churches Don’t Grow

Every pastor wants their church to grow. No pastor sits around desiring for his church to stay exactly where it is and never grow. Now before we go further, I am criticizing small churches. I love small churches. As I have talked with small church pastors, they all want their church to grow though. The … Continue reading 5 Reasons Some Churches Don’t Grow

Metrics your Church Should be Measuring

Every successful church or successful organization does not become successful without evaluating itself. Evaluation is critical to be successful. You must evaluate everything. What you desire to replicate, you should evaluate! [Click to Tweet] If becoming a successful church requires evaluation, it is important that we are evaluating the important goals that we intend to … Continue reading Metrics your Church Should be Measuring

5 Key Questions You Should be Asking Those You Lead

Great leaders ask great questions. Brad Cooper said in his afternoon talk at the most excellent way to lead conference that "The greatest leaders of tomorrow are the greatest question askers of today." (Listen to the talk here) In fact, some of this post is derived out of Brad's talk so much of the credit … Continue reading 5 Key Questions You Should be Asking Those You Lead

3 Things Pastors Need in Their Personal Lives

As I write this, my heart is heavy. My heart is broken for Perry Noble and Newspring Church. If you have not heard yet, you will soon- Perry Noble was removed from the senior pastor position at the church that he started nearly 20 years ago, NewSpring Church. He was removed because of an abuse … Continue reading 3 Things Pastors Need in Their Personal Lives

5 Tips For Recruiting Volunteers

I do not know a church in America that could not use just a few more volunteers. Every church is in search of more volunteers to do more for the mission of their church. Why is recruiting volunteers such a problem? I believe that the problem might not be with the ones in the seats … Continue reading 5 Tips For Recruiting Volunteers

Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders

Every leader understands the importance of recruiting and developing volunteers. It is not rocket science, but so few do this the right way. Why? I believe we recruit people, but not always the right people. Part of being a good leader is not only recruiting people, it is recruiting the right people. So, if we … Continue reading Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders