Favorite Student Ministry Blogs of 2013

top blogsI love reading student ministry blogs. I love adding new blogs to my blogroll. If you have a student ministry blog that I have not stopped by yet, please feel free to comment with your URL, and I will be sure to stop by soon. Here are my personal top 10 favorite blogs from 2013. To clarify, these are the blogs that I view the most…

1- The Source for Youth Ministry by Jonathan McKee- Jonathan is a friend of mine that I have connected with. We share the same passion of creating family based ministry. He blogs regularly regarding youth culture which I love.

2- Love God Love Student Blog by Download Youth Ministry- This is a blog created by Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, and Matt McGill. I have interacted and texted Josh as much as anyone this year, and these guys know student ministry. This is a new blog that launched this year so add it and check it out regularly.

3- The YM360 Blog- This is a compiled blog from several authors from my friends over at YM360. These guys are the real deal, and if they are not in your RSS feed, add them now, Do it…

4- Youthmin.org- This is a newer blog over the last few years. These guys are great, and are moving up the charts. You will love that they write about all things youth ministry.

5- Youth Culture Report- I am big into youth culture. I need it, and if you are in student ministry, you do as well. We need to study and learn about youth culture to help us as we minister. This site does a fantastic job sharing the top articles (secular and Christian) regarding youth culture.

There are many great blogs that could have made the list, but these are the ones that I check most often! If I have never stopped by your blog, send me a URL, and I will check it out.

Book Giveaway- “Speaking to Teenagers”

speakingtoteenagers (1)


My friend, Tom Shriver blogs regularly about student ministry at tomshriver.com. Tom is giving away the book, “Speaking to Teenagers” by Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins. I encourage you to stop by his blog to enter for your chance to win. The contest ends Tuesday!!

I have personally never read the book, but I have read many books by the two authors, and know that they will not disappoint. Go here to register for the freebie, and while you are there, subscribe to Tom’s blog!

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Top Posts of 2012

top post of 2012 blog postEach year, I try to share with you the top posts that had the most views for that year. I challenge you to go back and read them or if you missed them the first time, here is your chance to check them out. Also, leave me your thoughts as well so that your voice can be heard. So, without further ado, here are the top posts that my viewers viewed this year.

  1. Freebie Friday: Photo Scavenger Hunt List
  2. Bible Study: The Millennial Reign of Christ
  3. 4 Thoughts to keep students in church after graduation
  4. Top 10 Student Ministry Organizations to Follow on Twitter
  5. Top 10 Student Pastors you should be following on Twitter
  6. Top Places to get Student Ministry Resources
  7. Freebie Friday: Student Ministry Lesson on Sex and Dating with Powerpoint
  8. 5 Simple Thoughts on Influence
  9. 7 Major Topics you should preach on each year in Student Ministry
  10. My top 5 Epic Fails in Student Ministry

Round 3: Best Youth Ministry Blog Post of 2012










Would you be willing to vote one more time for my post? I know many of you have voted up to this point, and I certainly appreciate it, but I am going to continue to need your vote to move on. I am now in round 3, and voting ends tonight at midnight. I am a good ways back from the leader, and would like to move on, but it will take you voting.


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Hey guys, I have made it to round 2, but desperately need your vote to make it further to win the best youth ministry blog post of 2012. Last I checked, I was pretty far behind so let’s change it, and help me catch the leader. The post that is nominated is “My top 5 Epic Failures in Student Ministry.”

So, would you be willing to take 5 seconds of your time to vote for my post?

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With your help, I have made the top 34 of the list of best youth ministry blogs of 2012. I need you to go vote again. With a new round, it means new votes so if you have already voted, take just a second and go vote again if you would.


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Voting Starts TODAY! Go Vote for my post

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Youthmin.org puts together a top student ministry blog post for 2012, and one of my posts (My top 5 epic failures in student ministry) was nominated. Here is some information, and I would love for you to vote for my post:

“Here we go folks! We have, in our minds, the best most amazing resource for Youth Pastors, the nominees for Best Youth Ministry Blog Post of 2012.

Last year, we quickly learned how invaluable a list like this is as a youth ministry resource, and this year we think the same holds true. There are a number of topics covered in these posts by 70 different authors, and we can only imagine withe the expanded list, this will serve even more than last year’s list to grow Youth Pastors, no matter the years of experience.

We’ve loved watching the list form the last two and a half weeks, and to see how awesome it is that we have the best of the best of Youth Ministry, with years of experience in Doug Fields, down to several Youth Pastors who hadn’t even started in Ministry this time last year. And that’s why we love this list, it’s one of the heartbeats of our site, the simple fact that every Youth Pastor has a voice, and Every Youth Pastor has something to bring to the table.

All that aside, there is a contest going on. Voting will start this Friday, December 7th, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.

Last year, we had nearly 7,500 unique voters vote, and though we think the honor of being voted the best Youth Ministry Blog post by 7,500 people is quite the feat, we have some goodies for our winner as well. First off, the Amazing folks of Orange have given us a Ticket to the 2013 Orange Conference for the winner ($319 value), 10 hours of custom design work from the Youthmin Marketplace Team, $75 Amazon gift card, $50 Starbucks gift card, and an iPad Mini. With a few extra bonuses we’ll throw into the box being shopped, it’s a prize package worth nearly $1,750!

So here we go! Read these posts, and come back starting this Friday for voting. Voting for Round 1 ends December 11th at 11:59 PM Eastern.”

*Oh, and one last thing. If you see a Youth Pastor/blogger on here you know, be sure to share this link with them to let them know they were nominated. Last year, several missed the first round of voting and were eliminated. 

**Also, as a reminder to those who missed this post, these blog posts were nominated by our Youth Ministry community of readers. Many of our favorite bloggers didnt make the list. We’d like to show formulas and stats for how this list was compiled, but it was just readers who said “I loved this post!”

Go see the entire list of blog posts that were nominated, and vote for my blog post here!!

Top 10 Student Ministry Organizations you should follow on Twitter

Recently, I did a blog post on the top 10 student pastors that you should be following on twitter, but this time, I wanted to do a post on the top student ministry organizations that you should follow on twitter. The twitter accounts mentioned below are student ministry resource organizations that are not necessarily student pastors, but provide insight and resources relating to student ministry!

  1. Youth Ministry 360- “A youth ministry resource provider that exists to see teenagers transformed through knowing Christ, and to equip and serve youth workers.” This is personally one of my favorite youth ministry sites out there. These guys are always coming out with legit resources for student ministry leaders to use.
  2. YouthMin.org- “Every day Youth Pastors being every day Extraordinary.” This site has launched a store recently that you NEED to subscribe to. It is filled with new and fresh resources all of the time.
  3. Seventy 8 Productions- “Seventy8 Productions was inspired from Psalm 78 to utilize technology in hopes to reach the next generation of youth with the Gospel.” I love these guys, and look to them for website advice, and social media advice. They are always ready to connect with you through social media so go follow them!
  4. Youth Ministry- “YouthMinistry.com | One Place, Infinite Ideas. | Is powered by SimplyYouthMinistry.com” Need I say more? This twitter account and their website has helped numerous student pastors with resources and encouragement. They are constantly sharing helpful blog posts as well resources for student pastors so we can effectively minister to students.
  5. Stuff You Can Use- “Where youth workers and orange thinkers SHARE and DISCOVER FREE ministry resources. 1 downloadable resource + 1 video interview in every post.” All youth pastors love free stuff, and these guys provide some of the best free content for us out there.
  6. Dare to Share- mobilizing teenagers to relationally and relentlessly reach their generation for Christ! All of us want our students to be more intentional about reaching other students with the Gospel. Dare to Share focuses on teaching students to do so.
  7. Leader Treks- “We believe #discipleship#evangelism#missions, and more are all a part of #youthministry. We just think they’re better when led by students.” I started following these guys a few months ago, and they have been a huge resource for me. They give away freebies regularly, and have great resources for cheap as well.
  8. SYM Soul Care- “an oasis of hope for youth workers, by youth workers *we provide free & confidential pastoral care for a youth worker’s heart & soul.” All youth pastors must follow this account! They will pray and encourage you regularly. 
  9. Simply Insider- “The official Twitter Account of Simply Youth Ministry. We resource In-The_Trench youth workers like you!” They provide great resources for youth pastors. Also, they share great blog posts, and information about the Simply Youth Ministry conference and website.
  10. Youth Culture Report- “Daily Reporting on Youth Culture, Teen trends and current information relating to Adolescents. Youth Ministry.” I love this site! They provide the latest trends in students and what they are into. They also share great and insightful resources regarding youth and their culture.

Now, these are only 10! Now, I was dwelling over which ones to put in there, and there were several more that I wanted too, but had to choose 10. There are many great ones out there, and feel free to share them below in the comment box. You can follow me, and we can connect via twitter as well (@grovepjosh)!

How to not run out of blog post ideas

Have you ever sat down to do some writing about blog posts, and came up with absolutely nothing. In my short time of blogging, this has happened to me many times. If the experts say that you need to be blogging every day or at least every other day, how can you consistently come up with that many blog posts? Will you run out eventually? I want to give you a few ways of how not to run out of blog post ideas:

  1. Keep Reading- One of the top ways that generate my blog posts are books! Recently, I have been trying to read a book every 2 weeks, and it has generated a lot of ideas and interest in me writing my own thoughts down. As long as books are being written, blog posts can come as a result.
  2. Subscribe to similar blogs- I mostly write about social media, student ministry, and church life. These are my passions. I subscribe to tons of different blogs in these specific categories that I read from each week. When I do this, it generates ideas for my own blog posts.
  3. Stay passionate in what you write about- This is extremely important. If I lose my passion for student ministry, it will be much more likely that I stop writing about student ministry, but if you stay passionate about it, you will have something to write about it, because it is your passion and drive!
  4. Make note when potential blog posts come to your mind- I have a working note in my phone entitled, “Blog Post Ideas.” Anytime at home or at work when I think of a possible blog post, I put the title in my phone so that I can remember it for later. If you are like me, you will get to doing other things, and totally forget about that great post that you thought of. So, do not do that, write it down or record it in your phone.
  5. Do not be afraid to share other people’s ideas/resources- If you look at arguably the top student ministry blog (morethandodgeball.com), you will find Josh Griffin’s posts, but he regularly shares other guest posts and resources. If we are not careful, we feel that we ourselves have to personally write a blog post for every day when sometimes part of having your personal blog is sharing some other posts from some great voices out there outside of your blog!

I am still new to do this blogging thing, but I am learning more and more that blogging takes time, effort, and discipline. If you do not have these three things, or are just not willing to give these three things, blogging might not be for you!

Enter for a chance to win #Going Social by Terrace Crawford

Terrace Crawford is a good friend of mine. We have connected through social networking, and have built a relationship that way. Terrace is one of the best bloggers and profiles to follow on twitter. He knows what is going on and what is working with social media, and what is not working. He recently wrote a book entitled, “#Going Social.” The book released yesterday, and I encourage you to order it. I actually am still waiting on my copy to come in the mail, but I am convinced that he will not disappoint with this read. You can enter for a chance to win a free copy by going here! Also, you can visit the #going social website by clicking here.

Enter for a chance to win “#Going Social” by Terrace Crawford!